YERUN Staff Days Spring 2021

 Hosted by the University of Southern Denmark

Stay will be a digital event!

Welcome to a YERUN co-creation experiment

An experiment where the Staff Days in April 2021 start today!

If you have reached this website, we hope that it is because you in some way or other are interested in or directly involved in working with the SDGs as part of your job at your university.  We want to see if it is possible to create a different kind of event – a version where we have actually “met” or interacted before we meet at the actual Staff Days next year.

We expect this site to be the breeding space for relevant topics and sharing of ideas. We invite anyone at any of the 17 YERUN universities, who finds the topics interesting and relevant, to join the conversation! We hope that we can engage colleagues within the various themes to develop content and formats for our staff days in April 2021.

We want to see if we can create some common ground between colleagues within the same field of interest beforehand so that the digital conference will be a more immersive and collaborative experience than a traditional digital conference. 

In this initial phase we are curious about what you think about the themes and what questions you are preoccupied with. Please go to the theme below which interests you and join the conversation there! 







We would love to see videos from all the YERUN universities who are working with the SDGs in some way or other. They will be used as inspiration and preparation for the Staff Days event.


Current sub themes

We have selected these sub themes as we believe they are of interest to colleagues at other universities as well. Please feel free to come up with new theme suggestions!

Energy, waste, infrastructure…

How do you engage your students in the SDG agenda?

Health, well-being, equal opportunities…

As a university as a whole, to external partners, to students….

Integrated in courses, separate courses, entire educational profiles…

Send us a few words on what themes you would like to explore together with colleagues from other universities.



Kristina Dienhart · October 25, 2020 at 11:27 am

Please feel free to leave us a comment or an idea – we look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Pablo Grzeskow · November 18, 2020 at 9:09 am

UC3M team can’t wait to start to join and run this iniative!! Well done SDU team 🙂

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